Straw Roofs

by Călin Laur

Moldova  |  2017  |  In development


In Moldova there are less than 100 traditional houses with straw roofs. The documentary follows the last family alive in Moldova that knows how to make this special type of roofs. The secret of this tradition is passed only from father to son. This is a anthropological film that documents this dying tradition.


Calin Laur is a passionate and dedicated film director based in Chișinău, Moldova. Born 17.10.1992 in Chisinau, Moldova . In 2017 graduated Academy of Music, Theatre and Fine Arts, Multimedia Department, Film Directing. In 2019 Master Degree in Documentary Film Directing at the same academy. He has worked on several international film projects as 1AD and 1PA. Director at Moldavian hit web series “Lost in Moldova”. Pitch winner at Moldox Film Festival 2017, “Inspiration Workshop”. Observer at Balkan Documentary Center Workshop (2018). Winner at 48h Film Challenge 2019. “Casa Mare” is his diploma short film, attended to many international festivals. Now he is looking forward to make his first feature film. The project got funded for development from local National Film Center (CNC), winner of Development Award at Pitch Stop, Transilvania International Film Festival 2021.


Pitch@MOLDOX – BDC Award (2017)