How to tear down a memory?

by Mădălina Grosu

Moldova  |  2023  |  In development


The film begins with a girl returning to the hotel after 17 years. She grew up here, coming to hotel`s restaurant every single day with her parents who was singers. This is the first time we are getting a look inside the hotel at it used to be, where ordinary citizens were never allowed to go. Today, this hotel is abandoned, a ghost that evokes memory of the past and makes us question the future.


Mădălina Grosu is an emerging filmmaker from Chișinău, with a specific interest in stories about human nature. She has completed her master`s degree in directing documentary films. Her favorite aspects of documentary filmmaking are production and editing. Mădălina has a background in journalism, and currently works as a producer for an online show for young people. She dreams that one day many people will see her films and be moved by them.


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