The Moldox Lab INSPIRATION Workshop 2023 is waiting for its participants!

If you are passionate about making documentary films and want to develop your skills, then you must participate in the INSPIRATION workshop, which will take place from June 19-25, 2023, in Cahul, during the Moldox Festival.

The aim of this workshop is to help young documentary filmmakers in Moldova develop social-themed documentary film projects. During the workshop, participants will learn how to develop their projects, work on trailers, and study case studies. Additionally, the workshop will focus on effective proposal writing and presentation to pitch projects to funders and organizations in the industry. The workshop will conclude with individual meetings and public presentations of the documentary projects of the participants in front of specialists from the European documentary film industry.

To be eligible, participants must be experienced filmmakers, journalists, or visual storytellers who are already working on a subject for a documentary film and want to increase their knowledge in the field of production and co-production in Europe. Projects must address strong social themes and must be related to local realities or Moldova. Participants must have at least two years of experience in filmmaking or TV documentary production and must be citizens of the Republic of Moldova or have a co-produced project in the Republic of Moldova.

Participation in the workshop is free, and accommodation and meals (coffee breaks and main meals) will be covered by the organizers. Participants will arrange their own travel to Cahul. To apply, you must complete the application form by May 15, 2023. Projects participating in the INSPIRATION workshop must mention the participation in Moldox Lab and the visual identity of Moldox Lab in the film credits.