Round table organized under the patronage of Moldox Festival “New opportunities for the film industry in Moldova”

Can the Moldovan film industry be reinvented in the European framework? Local film experts and international filmmakers will address this and other relevant topics connected to the film industry during the Round Table, organized by Moldox Lab in partnership with the National Film Centre of Moldova (CNC). This event will take place in the framework of the Moldox International Documentary Film Festival for Social Change on September 11, 2021, at 15.00 at the Palace of Culture, “Nicolae Botgros,” in Cahul.

Maxim Cîrlan, Director of Moldox, talks about Saturday’s event: “Moldox Lab aims to create a platform, a meeting place between institutions that propose policies, key documentary filmmakers, as well as filmmakers from our country and abroad. That is why the CNC’s initiative for the round table is warmly welcomed and is a step towards a legal framework that reflects reality and creates palpable and concrete opportunities for the documentary film sector in our country.”

According to Valentina Yusuphodjaev, director of the CNC, becoming a distinct voice in international cinema requires hard work and systemic changes. Considering the proposed changes to the legal framework in the field of cinema, Ms. Iusuphodjaev emphasizes the importance of organizing a round table to consult the local community and exchange experiences with experts from other countries. At the meeting, filmmakers will also discuss aspects related to changes in funding regulations and attracting foreign investment and strategic priorities for the development of the sector.

The participants announced at the Round Table are members of the Moldox Lab team, CNC director Valentina Iusuphodjaev, mentors of Moldox Lab workshops including: Hjalmar Palmgren, film producer from Sweden; Melody Gilbert, a documentary film director from the USA; Angela Tucker, producer, and screenwriter from the USA; Dumitrița Pacicovschi, film producer from Moldova; Nora Agapi, a filmmaker from Romania; Denis Pavlovic, a filmmaker from Germany; Nick Holdsworth, film and TV industry expert from Central and Eastern Europe. International guests of the Moldox Festival will also attend the event: Alex Shiriaeff, a global producer and training organizer; Anastasia Kirilova, a filmmaker from Sweden and Russia; Monica Lazurean Gorgan, a producer from Romania; Thanos Stavropoulos, programme coordinator of the Thessaloniki Film Festival; Victoria Leschenko, film selector of Docudays Ukraine; Martin Pav, director from the Czech Republic and Livia Radulescu, representative of the One World Romania Festival.