Why did Felis leave us?

by Daniela Calmîș

Moldova  |  2022  |  In development


An introspection in life of a teenager transgender, repulsed by a mentality reluctant to her free expression of personality, who decided to leave this world.


Daniela Calmîș is an investigative journalist from the Republic of Moldova with an experience of 6 years în TV and written press. In the last 3 years, she specialized in investigative journalism and was covering social injustice, corruption, human rights and justice issues in Moldova. And now, she is on her way to dive into documentary filmmaking. After attending the Moldox Inspiration Workshop, she came up with a question that she would like to answer in a documentary film: „Why did Felis (happiness) leave us?”.


  • Pitch@MOLDOX – BDC Award
  • Pitch@MOLDOX – Mediacor Production Prize