Umtsa umtsa

by Ruben Agadjanean

Moldova  |  2022  |  In development


A middle-aged Moldavian who didn’t become a criminal or drug addict… is now the caretaker of his decaying neighborhood. Anytime anyone needs something he, The Mayor, is there. He may not look like a hero, but he’s the only hope when something breaks. From fixing pipes to broken walls and wires, he does everything the authorities won’t do. So why does he do it and what would happen, if he is not around?


Ruben Agadjanean, Cinematographer, born and raised in a family of filmmakers. Started to work as a grip assistant at the age of 16. Graduated from the Academy of Arts (Chisinau) in 2007. After graduation worked as lighting cameraman on documentaries and TV productions. In 2016 graduated from Nikita Mikhalkov’s Film Academy (Moscow). Currently: freelancer and cinematography teacher at Moldavian Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts.


  • Pitch@MOLDOX – B2B Doc
  • Pitch@MOLDOX – Thessaloniki International Film Festival