The New correspondant of the Golden Fund

by Jaad Gailet

Moldova / France  |  2017  |  In development


My story takes place in Moldova, a small forgotten territory, wedged between Slav Ukraine and Latin Romania while the omnipresent nature. It is more particularly a huis-clos taking place in the national film studio of Moldova created in 1947 under the Soviet Union. The New Correspondent of Golden Fund — initially thought o fas a "testimony of Moldavian film heritage" — has become a non-linear film, breaking down the boundaries between fiction, documentary, dream and reality. This film takes us to an unusual place, between past glories of Moldovan cinema, Soviet censorship and shy hopes of a renewal for this almost abandoned place. It wants to be a vibrant tribute to the Seventh Art and all its craftsmen.


Jaad Gaillet graduated with a degree from Pierre and Marie Curie University in mechanical engineering, and then moved on to the anthropology of the environment, which he will study at the National Museum of Natural History before pursuing film studies. He joined the Master 2 Anthropological and Documentary Cinema and the Master 2 of Audiovisual Creation of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’AudioVisuel. In 2015, he co-directed the feature-length documentary Tarlabasi and Me, then in 2018, the short film ALG-MRS. On the occasion of this scouting, he directed with the team of Moldova Film Here, the sea is green. His world mixes poetry, objects of the real and unexpected staging, to trigger smile an reflection.