The Journey

by Ruxanda Spatari

Moldova  |  2018  |  In development


Liuba is a 73 years old professional mourner from a village in the north of Moldova that prepares for her biggest journey of her life – death. Being one of the few left that still carry the knowledge of death traditions, she guides us through the process with sincerity and humor. From dowry preparation, washing the dead, mourning, funeral ceremonies, we question our own relationship with death and belief, leaving us transformed.


Ruxanda Spatari was born in Moldova in 1991 and moved to England at the age of 15 where she pursued art as her path. In 2014 she graduated from University for the Creative Arts in Farnham with a degree in Digital Film and Screen Arts, with producing as her focus. Since then she has been exploring the world through traveling and various projects, including collaboration exhibitions with Petra Collins and feminist activist – pioneer Annie Sprinkle. Currently she is pursuing her first documentary “The Journey”, which has participated at the development workshops of B2BDOC and EurAsiaDoc.


  • Pitch@MOLDOX – Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival Award (2018)
  • B2B Doc Story Development Workshop, Listapad IFF, Minsk (2018)
  • EurAsiaDoc (2018)