The Day I Learned to Whistle

by Ana Gurdiș

Moldova  |  2019  |  20 min  |  In development


Usually in Moldova parents leave their children with the grandparents in the countryside for the whole summer. I was one of those kids, discovering the world through my grandfather’s vivid stories while my parents performed military service. Grandfather was a great storyteller, musician and role model. His stories, always so inventive and unusual, were born from real life experience and a lost childhood. The most touching story was about the sheep that save him from hunger after the war. It was the reason he spent his life as a shepherd. I always wanted to be free and creative like him and in the day he died I learned to whistle.


A filmmaker with a background in journalism. Before turning to making films, she worked in Moldova for youth media organizations doing short videos, coordinating a youth TV show and as a media literacy trainer. Ana graduated from the National University of Theater and Film “I.L. Caragiale” Bucharest, Romania in 2021 with a degree in film directing. She directed several short films that have screened and gathered awards at film festival in Canada, Lebanon, Bangladesh.


Pitch@MOLDOX – One World Romania Award & BDC Award (2019)