Republic of Freedom – Essay

by Vadim-Tristan Belocur

Moldova  |  2021  |  50 min  |  Completed


I grow up surrounded by propaganda and lies. My journey is an hour-long mosaic created from the archives of the thirty-year existence of the unrecognized Transnistrian republic, while the local authorities contradict themselves by bringing all life aspects of their citizens to the point of absurdity. Now that I have found out that everything I know about my life is a lie, who am I?


Born on the east bank of river Nistru, in Transnistria. Studied Film Directing at Academy of Music Theatre and Fine Arts in Chisinau. Currently getting his MA in documentary film directing at the same university. Works at television as editor and as assistant Professor at the same university.


Pitch@MOLDOX – DAE Award & Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival Award (2021)