Operation Key

by Sofia Agapi

România/Moldova  |  2021  |  In development


The date of the eviction was approaching and my mother and I were not receiving the key for the house promised on paper by the authorities. So, I decided to protest in front of the town hall, demanding my rights. In response I was arrested and sent to the orphanage. Despite all my protest to prevent it, the eviction still happened. This is the story of a teenage girl who is forced to fight against the corrupt legal system that is supposed to protect her.


Sofia Agapi is a 17 year old teenager. She is in her last year of high school in Iasi, Romania. She participated before at “Let’s Go Digital” workshop at TIFF in 2019 and at DocEst workshop in 2019. Her interest in documentaries was extended to her personal project with which she participates at the Inspiration Workshop at Moldox Lab.


Pitch@MOLDOX – DOCUDAYS UA Award & BDC Award (2021)