On Term

by Mihai Nichiforeac

Moldova  |  2020  |  52 min  |  Post-production


Here in Moldova, we have a mandatory military service that was supposed to become optional by 2020, but still isn’t. Recruits are being taken away and forced into cars from their workplaces, from their homes or streets. Find out what masculinity means in a post-soviet Eastern-European country and how a father and son try to make sense of it.


Mihai Nichiforeac is a young and aspiring filmmaker from Moldova. He recently graduated from Budapest Metropolitan University, in Hungary with a BA in Film and Media. He has completed several short films that were selected to various film festivals across the globe, some of which also won awards, at goEast, Adami, Karlovac.


  • Telefilm Chișinău – Documentary Workshop (2020)
  • Pitch@MOLDOX – One World Romania Award (2020)
  • Pitch the Doc Award – Astra Film Lab (2021)
  • Fipadoc – International Documentary Festival Award – DunaDock (2020)
  • Vilnius Talents Nest (2021)
  • East Silver Market (2023)