My Hands are Tied

by Andreea Udrea

Moldova/România  |  2020  |  In development


A prisoner in Moldova remembers the moment she murdered her husband of 15 years while talking to her lawyer. After years of extreme domestic violence, she stabbed him with a knife. That landed her in an all-women’s prison in a village for 15 years. Her lawyer Violeta is trying to get her released earlier, but the legal system favors men. Legislation about domestic violence in this country make it very difficult to prove the case for women who commit murder while protecting themselves. Follow their journey through the legal system which ignores these women when they seek help and ultimately punishes them.


ANDREEA UDREA is an emerging Romanian filmmaker currently based in Bucharest. With a background in Psychology, her documentary work addresses a variety of issues, from Syrian refugees and Romanian emigrants to marginalized youth and personal family ties. She has directed documentary shorts in Romania, Slovenia, France and Croatia


  • One World Romania – Civil Society Pitch (2020)
  • Pitch@MOLDOX –  BDC Award (2020), Docudays UA Award (2021) & Thessaloniki IFF Award (2021)