Letters from the periphery

by Kristina Jacot

Moldova  |  2021  |  30 min  |  In development


Watching the abandonment and decay of what was once a beautiful city, the filmmaker channels her pain, frustration, and indignation into letters to the disappearing places. This film asks viewers to go on a journey to think differently about public spaces in Chisinau.


Independent filmmaker, born in 1999 in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, founder of a Horse Rescue center, became actively involved in the film community in 2019 by taking part in documentary film workshops and festivals – such as “Moldox”, “Queer Voices”, “B2B Doc”, “Movies that Matter” and “One World Romania”. She is currently studying Cinematography in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and working on her first feature film – “Letters from the periphery”.


  • One World Romania – Civil Society Pitch (2021)
  • Pitch@MOLDOX – B2B Doc Award (2021)
  • B2B Doc – Cinematography workshop, Armenia (2021)
  • B2B Doc – Storytelling and Production workshop, Georgia (2022)
  • BELDOCS in Progress (2022), Serbia