by Elena Culic

Moldova  |  2021  |  40 min  |  Post-production


«Happyland» is a full meter film, that was filming in parallel in Balti and Chisinau, asking questions: What is happiness / love, are they for everyone, are they a choice or a given? Together with directors/main protagonists, these questions are answered by speakers of different languages, residents and guests of the Republic of Moldova, representatives of different ages, genders, sexual preferences, political and religious beliefs. In their «Happyland» authors find a huge contrast between the visible happiness and what is hidden behind the bright sign.


Lawyer by diploma, teacher and journalist by vocation, author / performer by heart. Elena currently works as an author, presenter and translator at the “Nord Media” Public Association. Elena is also part of the editorial team at “Ziarul de Garda” newspaper. From 2002 to 2012 Elena was part of the law department of the “Alecu Russo” State University in Bălţi, from where she graduated with a master’s degree in law.


  • Queer Voices IFF – Award for 2nd Best Pitch