Hand in Hand with Evil

by Alexandru Macrinici

Moldova  |  2020  |  30 min  |  In development


Hand in hand with evil tells the story of Irina, a victim of abuse in teenage couples. The portrait we are drawing shows us how one may get into a situation like this, how one realizes what’s happening, how to get out of such a situation, get over it and get to live in the present. From “he is the world” to “I matter too” is the transformation that happens under our paintbrush. Come paint with us.


Alexandru Macrinici is a playwright, theater director, doctoral student at the University of Arts in Târgu-Mureș. In recent years, Alexandru wrote Ping-Pong, produced as a radio play by Radio Romania Radio Theater, participated in the International Dramokratija Festival in Vilnius, Lithuania, with a reading of his play, Troleibus no.2, directed the show “Laika. They call me dog” by David Košťák and the reading “A time to reap” by Anna Wakulik at the Ariel Theater for Children and Youth in Târgu-Mureș, and produced “Protected / Unprotected” (a play about the consequences of lack of sex education in Romanian schools). In all his work or activity, Alexandru addresses social problems identified in the community to which he belongs and leads to social change. After eight years of living abroad, Alexandru is currently in the process of moving to his hometown – Chisinau and is involved in local projects that address social issues.