The Monument

by Artiom Zavadovsky

Moldova  |  2018  |  In development


During the fall of socialism in Moldova in 1991, my parents – industrial plant workers – received a long-awaited apartment from the state in a building that didn’t exist. Together with other workers they were provided with construction materials and were told to build apartments on their own. Almost 30 years later, my 70-year-old mother needs to sell her home and move to Russia. As the moment of our separation approaches fast, I wonder what makes her so attached to that apartment.


Artiom Zavadovsky is a queer activist, performer and emerging documentary filmmaker from Moldova. Artiom is based in Chisinau, is involved in LGBTQ and feminist activism, does political performance, and collaborates with the independent theatre company ‘teatru-spalatorie’. The short documentary IN THE FRAME that he co- directed in 2018 has been selected for a number of European film festivals.


  • Pitch@MOLDOX – One World Romania Award & B2B Doc Award (2018)
  • B2B Doc Story Development Workshop, Listapad IFF, Minsk (2018)