INSPIRATION 2023: with 6 documentaries furthering the local industry

From June 19th to June 24th, six filmmakers from Moldova will participate in the INSPIRATION workshop alongside mentor Melody Gilbert, a director from America. The projects cover a wide range of social issues that our country faces. Let’s meet each of them:

Leo Zbanka is an experienced director in the film industry, specializing in social productions and promotional videos. They are also an LGBTQ+ activist and work in an organization that promotes the rights of this group. Their current project, titled “Vocea mamei” (The Mother’s Voice), explores the story of a queer individual and their challenging relationship with their own mother. The film aims to highlight the voices of parents who accept LGBTQ+ children in Moldova and offer hope to those going through similar experiences.

Vadim Papuc is a talented writer, director, and producer with extensive experience in the film industry. Through their organizational and communication skills, they have optimized production programs and activities, minimizing delays and disruptions. Their current project, titled “Necropola de animale” (Animal Necropolis), delves into the daily lives of dogs in a shelter, drawing parallels with the free dogs in the city. The film aims to shed light on the growing issue of stray dogs and the struggles of shelters, including their own, in addressing this situation. Vadim Papuc’s project provides a perspective on this problem and raises awareness about the efforts made to solve it.

Mădălina Grosu is an experienced graduate in journalism and documentary filmmaking. They have explored the memories of people connected to the Hotel Intourist in Chișinău in an ongoing documentary project in the post-production phase. They are also preparing a short fiction film. Their current project, titled “Sindromul Național” (The National Syndrome), brings to the forefront the stories of people who have had significant experiences at the hotel, highlighting its cultural and historical importance.

Marina Șupac is an award-winning journalist, documentary filmmaker, and human rights activist from Moldova. With a background in cultural journalism and a master’s degree in documentary filmmaking, Marina has made a significant impact in the field. Their works have been internationally recognized, winning prestigious awards and being screened at various human rights events worldwide. Marina’s stories focus on bridging divisions and promoting solidarity among people. Their current project, “Răsărituri ale maturității” (Sunrises of Adulthood), explores the experiences and memories of individuals in the process of growing up and maturing.

Stela Roxana Pascal is a transgender woman whose story revolves around her transition journey, coming out to parents and friends, and her struggles to find employment, legally change documents, find a partner, and navigate social difficulties. The film delves into Stela’s experiences, highlighting her long journey of becoming a filmmaker. It also touches upon her volunteer work with rescuing animals and her advocacy for transgender rights. This production covers multiple aspects of Stela’s life, offering a comprehensive perspective on her experiences and struggles.

Corina Cihan is a director and producer of short films who has dedicated the last two years to studying and practicing filmmaking at the Academy of Music, Theatre, and Fine Arts. This experience has provided her with a fascinating and challenging perspective on the art of cinema. Currently, she is working on a documentary film that explores the story of a ballerina from Chișinău who started from humble beginnings but has become recognized as one of the most talented soloists on major stages in Prague, Czech Republic. The film highlights the history and evolution of this ballerina, offering a unique perspective on her journey and remarkable success.

After the intense 7-day workshop, where participants will prepare their presentation texts, edit their trailers, and learn the structure of a pitch speech, the projects will be presented to an international jury who will reward them accordingly. Each filmmaker will also have the opportunity to present and refine their film ideas in other international workshops.