Explore the world of filmmaking and discover the process of creating a documentary film at the Exploration Workshop!

From June 19-25, 2023, the Exploration Workshop will take place in Cahul for young people passionate about documentary filmmaking and photography. The workshop aims to provide an introduction to the world of cinema and the basics of making a documentary film, as well as plenty of practical experience through field exercises.

Participants will learn about documentary film techniques and the editing process, alongside a dedicated film editor for the short film they will work on. Under the guidance of director and cinematographer Nora Agapi, the short films will focus on urgent social issues in Cahul.

The workshop is intended for young people from the Cahul region, as well as from across the country, aged over 16 years. Participation is free, and places are limited.

Register by filling out the form. The workshop will be held in the Romanian language.

The deadline for registration is May 22, 2023. For more information, please contact the organizers at the email address: lab@moldoxfestival.com.